Saturday, November 22, 2014

Short hair

Putting outfits together and doing my makeup are things I really enjoy doing. However, when it comes to doing my hair it always seems I don't have the time. It might be that I don't like doing it or simply that I am not good at it. After all we cannot be good at everything. However, we all know that like our eyebrows, our hair is the frame to our face. And very often your hairstyle can make you look great even if you are wearing a simple outfit and minimal makeup. Whereas bad hair can make you look like you stepped out your house without finishing getting ready. And that's how I have been feeling lately. I was ending up putting my hair up in a ponytail or in a messy low bun. My favourite style was a simple braid but that can look too youthful at times. So now that Summer is officially over and that the weather is cooling down, I finally decided to get a shorter hair cut. I am sure you can agree that it is very short for what I am used to. I think the only time I had my hair this short I was under 5 years old.

Because of my myopia I can never see myself properly in the mirror when the hairdresser is cutting my hair, so each time I am having my hair cut I spend all the time hoping the end result will look good. This time I was quiet scared I would regret going for a short cut, instead I am very happy with my decision. It takes half the time to wash and dry it, and I seem to be more willing to style it since I don't have as much hair as before. Also change is always a great thing in my opinion. It gives you a way to reinvent yourself, and when you change your hair, your whole style changes. I think shorter hair can look more edgy and modern. And that's exactly the kind of style I like to go for during Winter. During the colder months I like mixing classic, edgy and casual modern pieces for an effortless New York inspired style.

Enough talking and here go the pictures....

Now we all know a new haircut can look amazing with the hair styler blow dry but not necessarily look as great once you wash it and style it yourself. Well in this case I must say it still looks good after styling it myself. And on a plus side my husband loves short hair.

What about you, how do you like your hair - long or short?

Sunday, October 19, 2014


One thing my face demands, be it Summer or Winter, is hydration. I just know it because my skin feels the best when I apply products rich in water. On the other hand it doesn't appreciate products with a high content of oil. Is it just me, or you too really hate that greasy feeling on the top layer of your facial skin, while still knowing the cream you have just applied is doing nothing for the lower layers? The key to striking a balance between moisture and hydration is to find the right hydrating cream. However, good hydration creams are expensive and I personally do not want to spend hundreds of euros on something I am going to use dayly and use up in a few weeks. Because I have tried many lower end hydrating products which didn't do nothing for my dehydrated skin, I became quiet skeptycal about the suggestions I received in stores and pharmacies.
While shopping in Mariahilferstrasse in Vienna, and after going inside every beauty store I found  along the very long shopping Street, I happened to wonder inside a very small apotheke and while paying for a mask I picked (which I will tell you about very soon) the lady at the counter suggested I pair that mask with a very hydrating face cream. So she went along showing me a new hydration gel which is supposed to last 24 hrs on your face, and it is by a brand which is part of the Estee Lauder Group, but is being sold at a very good price. She also had me try the cream on my hand. And there and there I didn't really pay much attention because I had already determined it was another upselling attempt. Later though, I felt my hand and it was still hydrated. So on the last day in Vienna, having found no other hydrating option at a reasonable price, I ran to the shop and bought the True Hydration 24 hr Gel Cream by GoodSkin Labs.
Ever since I started using it each night before going to bed, I wake up in morning with my face still hydrated and if I touch my skin I can still feel the cream on my face. The hydration goes on and on, since even after washing my face, my skin feels smooth and no longer dehydrated. What I mostly love about this cream is that while it is very thick, it doesn't feel the least bit greasy, blends well into the skin and you can feel it penetrating your skin and doing all the great things it is supposed to do underneath the top layer. I am sure the effects would be even more evident if I would use this gel cream also in the morning, but having a problem with my makeup slipping off my face after two or three hours, I avoid applying any cream under my makeup at least until December. So if you have been looking for a great hydration cream that lasts long, makes your skin feel amazingly smooth, and is also well priced (29 euro if I remember correctly) you just found it. Go buy it and let me know what you think...

Saturday, October 11, 2014

#CosmopolitanChic challenge: 2 great looks for the perfect Las Vegas hotel

Las Vegas might not be at the top of my list of places to visit. However, that doesn't mean I cannot appreciate a great hotel and share it with all of you who love partying, great food and shopping, luxurious surroundings and casinos. If you want all of this under one roof and you are planning a holiday to Las Vegas you should definitely check out the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas hotel.
Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
In this post I am going to share 4 looks, based on pairings you can take from day to night, which I would wear if staying at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Hotel. While all the restaurants and pools look amazing, I have decided to style my day looks around the Wicked spoon restaurant while the night looks are inspired by a casual dinner at D.O.C.G followed by a drink outdoors at the Marquee Night club.
Terrace Suite
Imagine waking up with no rush on a Friday morning in this beautiful room, and being able to take all the time you want to get ready, while still knowing a great brunch awaits you until 2 in the afternoon at the Wicked Spoon. Below is what I would wear knowing that I might want to transition my outfits from day to night.
 #CosmopolitanChic by Day
Wicked Spoon
After enjoying your late brunch, relaxing in the hotel, doing some early evening shopping you will definitely be in the mood for a chilled out dinner at the D.O.C.G enjoying delicious Italian antipasti, pasta, pizza accompanied by the right wine and followed by chillaxing outside by the pool with view of the skyscrapers and good music. Below is how I would take my day pairings and dress them up for the night.

D.O.C.G Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

#CosmopolitanChic by Night

With such great outfits inspiration and the opportunity of getting ready in a luxurious room, the question is who wouldn't want to be at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas? So if you are looking for the perfect hotel in Las Vegas, look no further...