Friday, September 19, 2014

Vienna restaurants

During our second visit to Vienna we didn't miss our favourite lunch spot, Anker. We actually had it 4 times - twice for lunch, once for breakfast and once for a late dinner. Anker is the best in delivering fresh and tasty panini which do not only look good but are also much healthier than a fast food option. Nordsee, which was my favourite spot for lunch and dinner during our first visit to the city of music, dropped out of the best places to eat in Vienna. It might have been that I have been eating so many salads lately that I have lost the appetite for fast food. However, I do crave McDonalds every now and then. My favourite Anker shop is found at the beginning of Mariahilferstrabe, not far from the Museumsquartier.
Anker panino
Aubergine, feta cheese and lettuce inside an olives panino.

I couldn't not have this panino given that aubergines, lettuce and feta cheese are among my top favourite foods.

Chicken panino
Breaded chicken and lettuce panino. Not my favoruite but still good enough.

Ravioli alla norma. Best norma pasta I ate out.

Eggplant again, and pasta and mozzarella. It was the perfect pasta dish and it was so good that I didn't want to share it with my husband but we were sharing also a pizza which was so good that I forgot to take a picture...It had prosciutto crudo and brie. So if you are looking for the perfect Italian restaurant with a modern vibe then Pesco is the right choice.

If you are looking for a more fine dining experience and you don't mind paying a little bit more, you should try the Nemtoi restaurant at the Levante Parliament Hotel. The Nemtoi burger was simply divine.
Finally if you like Mexican, I am not a huge fan, my husband suggests Mas Mexican. Cheesy nacios, chicken fajitas and a regular beef burger are the dishes we chose. I don't like spicy food so I wanted to stick with simpler dishes, hence the burger choice. While good, the burger was not as good as the Nemtoi burger.

What about you, which are your favourite restaurants in Vienna?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Film festival

Vienna weather might not allow for many outdoor festivals and activities. Yet the Viennese still know how to enjoy their beautiful city. And when the weather is at its best, between end of June and end of August, a Film Festival is held throughout July and August in the Rathaus City Hall. With free entry and more than 30 food stalls offering specialities from various countries, a big screen, free seating, tables and chairs, and a magical atmosphere there is no better way to spend your evening in Vienna. As the location of the festival was just 5 minutes away from our hotel we went 3 nights out of 7 and we had a great time each time.
We didn't really watch the movies they were streaming but we got to enjoy the bubbly yet nice atmosphere and the delicious food. I really recommend you check the Film Festival next year and we loved it so much we might go again next Summer. Below are a few images taken on the 3 nights we were there...
Vienna Film Festival
Film Festival Vienna
Thai Food Stall
Thai Food Stall
Persian Food Stall
Persian Food Stall
Viennese Food Stall
Traditional Viennese Food Stall
Crepes stall
Crepes Stall
Lily crepe
Lily Crepe

Banana caramel waffles
Banana and caramel waffles
From the Indian Food stall
From the Indian food stall

From the portuguese food stall
From the portuguese food stall
Magical setting
Magical setting

My favourites were definitely the Indian samosas, the Thai gyoza, Lily's crepe and the Portuguese egg tarts with cinnamon....yummm.

Have you ever been to Vienna's Film Festival? If yes, which was your favourite food stall?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

End of Summer

I was expecting end of August to be cool in Vienna, but it turned to be often cold. I was wearing shorts when we arrived, and when the pilot said the temperature would be around 13 degrees Celsius while landing it freaked me a little bit. I had obviously checked the weather an infinite number of times before packing, but because the weather was very variable - at times saying it would be sunny and warm and at times rainy and slightly cold- I just packed the outfits I really wanted to wear, that is mostly dresses, shorts and sandals. Thankfully I took one pair of jeans and one pair of trainers along with a cardigan and long sleeves top. I knew I would buy a few jackets, leggings, trousers and closed shoes while shopping in Vienna. Notwithstanding this I was not expecting it to be so cold especially in the evenings. During our visit last October the temperatures would be lower in the morning than late at night. Whereas this time it seemed to me it was the opposite. I am not surprised though since Vienna is famous for having a very unpredictable weather, along with being famous for its culture, Mozart and Sacher torte.
At times I felt everyone would be looking at my bare white legs while on the underground as I was among the few ones wearing shorts or a dress. I didn't mind though as I got to wear my favourite outfits and I am thankful for having found a white parka and a few great scarfs from H&M which kept me warm throughout the days. In the evenings I would change into trousers and layer one of the sweaters I bought under the parka. So all in all, I am pretty happy with what I packed, because by packing less on my way to Vienna I got to have more space to put all the goodies I bought myself while shopping there. Vienna is amazing when it comes to fashion. And it's not only because of the many great stores, but you can feel fashion in the air and see it in the streets with all the people walking dressed in completely different styles.
After a long intro here are the outfits I wore in Vienna during the last week of August. I have also decided to feature a few 'His & Hers' outfits.

Airport outfit

Festival outfit

Vienna vineyards

Stephansplatz Vienna

Rickshaw at the Prater


Shopping in Vienna

His & Hers

Let me know whether you liked the new 'His & Hers' feature.