Saturday, July 19, 2014

Korres review

If you follow my blog, you might have already read my Santorini shopping post in which I shared a few tips on where to shop for good skincare products while in Santorini. Today I want to review Korres, since this is a brand I have rarely heard of before visiting Greece. And I am so impressed with the quality of the products I got, that I cannot but share them with you, so that if you get the chance to buy these you do so because they are really good products at affordable prices and made with natural ingredients.
Let's start with the Korres Milk Proteins 3 in 1 Cleansing Emulsion......After trying various milk and creamy eye makeup removers/cleansers, I can easily say this is my favourite so far. First of all I love the brand name, the packaging and the prices - just under 14 euros for 200 ml. And Korres claims to be a natural skincare brand, which is always a plus for me - since I am sensitive to chemical and very strong scents. The back of the bottle states that .....'Korres Milk Proteins emulsion gently cleanses, tones and moisturizes: it removes face and eye make-up, sebum and dirt, allowing the skin to breathe.' While I totally agree with the fact that this product is a great eye and face make-up remover and can double as a cleanser, if you like your cleanser to have a creamy consistency (I prefer a gel consistency), and I also agree with the fact that it leaves your skin moisturized but not greasy, I am not sure about the toning properties. It might however be that the ingredients used in this emulsion promote skin toning. While this product is not fragrance free, its scent is not too strong and doesn't bother me at all.
Korres Fluid Gel Cleanser with White tea......I have tried to love this product, but unfortunately I don't. While I like its scent, every time I have been using it I felt the need to re-wash my face with the Dr. Organic Tea Tree Face Wash. You might know by now that I love cleansers that give me that squeaky clean feel, leave my skin refreshed and remove all the oil which might have formed during the day or night. And that feeling I am talking about I only get it with the Dr. Organic Tea Tree face wash. However, if you are looking for a cleanser which is not creamy and not too liquid, but which foams just a little and if you have more of a dry than combination to oily skin like mine, this product might be perfect for you. It is not however the perfect cleanser for me, although I will give it a try during the colder months and see how it performs.
Korres Pomegranate Moisturizing Cream-Gel...This is the star of the show in my opinion. It gives the perfect blend of creamy moisturizing and cooling and toning effect/feeling when applied. For 18 euros, although it comes in a 40 ml container, I think it is relatively cheap for how good it is. And you only need a tiny amount on each area of the face. I use this only at night, and as the lady in the Imerovigli's pharmacy said, it's the perfect moisturizer for the Summer months. I usually rarely moisturize in Summers, or use a very light lotion, because my skin can feel very oily. But this cream-gel is perfect because it is cooling while moisturizing, and doesn't leave any greasy feeling. If you are slightly dry, you might want to use this in the morning as well. And if you are oily you might want to use this in Winter too. In fact the back of the container says 'Oily to combination skin'. The scent, while stronger than the milk proteins emulsion, is very nice and I also like the pink glass packaging. Usually creams like this would start at a price of 30 euros and go way up to hundreds of euros.

Korres moisturizing hand cream with organic almond oil & calendula....Because I like calendula and I know almond is very moisturizing I was immediately attracted to this hand cream.When I travel I am always looking for a new hand cream to try, since my hands are constantly dry. The packaging is so cute that it won me over. However, I must say that I am not very impressed with this hand cream. I don't love the scent and I do not think it is very moisturizing. If you are looking into buying a calendula hand cream you should go for the Dr. Scheller Calendula hand balm.
Finally but certainly not least is the Korres lip butter in Jasmine scent. While I am never attracted to floral scents, when I smelled this in the Imerovigli's pharmacy I knew I had to have it. It was the perfect scent, not too rich and sweet but yet resembling caramel. And the texture was so creamy and smooth, without being too sticky, that I couldn't wait to try it on my lips. Unfortunately, they only had a tester as the product is no longer being stocked in Santorini. So you can imagine my sad reaction, and even better my delightedness when I came across the same lip butter at the airport in Athens, just before boarding. So I immediately grabbed it and now I can enjoy it every day. The back of the product says...'A buttery lip balm that melts on the lips and offers a shiny, tinted finish.' I totally agree with this. And I think this is perfect for Summer, as it is not very thick. However, I thought it would be more moisturizing. I have yet to find a lip butter that stays on for hours at night. So if you have one product to suggest, please do so in the comments below.

With most of these products being huge hits for me, I cannot but recommend the Korres brand to anyone looking for inexpensive natural skincare products, which are also good for sensitive skin. I am definitely looking forward to trying out more Korres products, including an eye cream/gel and another face cream or serum.

Have you tried Korres? Which is your favourite product?

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Makeup 2014

2014 has been a great year for makeup. I got to try several products, bought while on vacation or abroad for work. And I also bought a few bits and pieces while shopping in Malta. To the side is most of my makeup (I have a few more primers, powders, lip products, eye pencils and many nail polishes). For some of you might be a lot and for many others might be a little. Few weeks ago I decided to purge all the makeup which was either old or I was not using. Some of it I threw away and other pieces I gave to my mum and sister, most of them eye shadows. I have been wanting a naked palette for so long, that when I finally got one (I got the Naked 1), I stopped using anything else. My favourite shades, on which I have almost hit pan, are Virgin, Naked and Buck. I love a neutral eye with just some countouring in the crease and a bright lip for Summer or a darker one for Winter. Above you can see all my makeup packed and that's in fact all the makeup I took with me on Holiday in Santorini last June. So this makeup is perfect for the Summer months, for work, the weekend and for vacation too.
My makeup favourites at the moment are the Bioderma tinted face lotion with SPF 50, the pore fessional primer, the bobbi brown concealer duo (which I completely used up). My favourite mascara is still the Deborah Milano Definitive Volume & Curl. For powder I like both the Sephora 8hr wear mattifying compact foundation and the Max Factor Creme Puff in 05 translucent. My favourite lip products for Summer are the L'Oreal Paris Caresse in 401 Rebel red and in 07 Cheeky magenta and the Revlon Colourburst lip gloss in 006 Strawberry . This Summer I have been wearing the Revlon scented nail polish in 060 African tea rose. During the past month I have also been loving the Makeup Forever Mist & Fix under my MAC Matte primer. The two together make my makeup last longer.
Here is me wearing most of the above makeup.
 The sun washed it out a little. But you can still see that is a very natural - almost no makeup look.
This is exactly my kind of makeup look - something fresh, young, easy and quick.
Since I have been using most of the bove products for so long, I am ready to share my opinions on them. So get ready for a few reviews. Also feel free to ask me questions about any product you might be interesting in trying out.
Share in the comments below which are your favourite makeup products for 2014 so far...

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Santorini Shopping

If you like me love shopping, you can agree that shopping can even be ten times better in a picturesque location. Santorini might not have the high Street shops we are used to, or all of the popular designer brands, but it definitely has the charm which you are not going to find anywhere else. I am sure all those husbands who hate shopping will love it here because of the views, especially those who are into photography. And while you are not going to find Forever 21 or Sephora, there are many boutique shops selling very sophisticated and Island appropriate clothing and shoes, as well as many shops selling handbags and jewellery. If you are into makeup then you will love Hondos center, which is a small shopping mall in the heart of Fira. Here you can also find high end brands like MAC, Estee Lauder, Dior and much more. And if you want to get your hands on the skincare goodies below, including amazing products like Korres, Caudalie and Apivita, you should head to the pharmacy located in Imerovigli's main road close to a few supermakets and bus stops.
Santorini shopping

To reach the pharmacy in Imerovigli you can either walk up the main road on the right side of the Island, or walk up the caldera side and admire the views and take a few pictures. The path is not the easiest, with loads of stairs, but is so worth the effort - especially since you get to see several hotels, villas and apartments and a few restaurants and cafes, all ofering great views. This is the path we took on a Sunday morning, right after breakfast, as we wanted to wonder around our hotel Angels & Stars. And little we knew we would step into this small pharmacy stocked with the most amazing products. I think we spent an hour inside it. And the best part of this little shopping haul, is that I got to take pictures on my beautiful patio with one of a kind background.
What about you? Which was the best location you shopped at in terms of views and charm? Share it in the comments below.